About Us

Hello Friends, 

Thank you for visiting our small business! 

Proper Pieces is a minority woman owned business, but beyond that we are a family run business. It's a team effort of my spouse, my children, and I.

For as long as I can remember, I loved playing dress up. I love finding pieces that are unique, comfortable, and fun to wear. I believe that your clothes should compliment you and your unique style. What we wear is one of the biggest ways we express ourselves to the world. 

Our graphic t-shirts are all designed in house in small batches. We pride ourselves in this creative process and enjoy the graphic design methods and challenges that come with it. The assortment of other pieces you'll find are curated with customers in mind who want pieces they can wear and feel confident that it will continue to make them feel good after many wears. 

We are an online business with booths in two brick + mortar locations for your shopping convenience. 

We strongly believe in equality for all people because we are all humans worthy of being seen, heard, and loved.

We believe that humans are built for human connection and one way to connect is through fashion and design. 

At Proper Pieces, we carry exclusive designs for inclusive people. 

All the Best,